The Gift Of Time

by Settle For Nothing

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Shane Mayer at Cerebral Audio Productions. Album Art by Overton.

Cheddar - Vocals
Justin - Guitar
Taylor - Guitar/Bass
Devin - Drums


released October 16, 2016

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Copying, Reproduction, Hiring, Lending, Public Performance and Broadcasting prohibited.



all rights reserved


Settle For Nothing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nick Cheddar -

Justin Karwowski - Guitar

Taylor Shiring- Guitar

Ben Lienesch -

Devin Mascilli - Drums
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Track Name: Willful Actions (Ft. Chris from Domestic War)
I try and try to fit this design.
Fixing broken pieces damaged by time.
No matter what, I'm stuck in the end.
A reminder of what I've never been.

I've come to grips, i have nothing.
These fellowships aren't worth trusting.
Can never seem to get ahead.
Every bet on black assures a fucking red.

I'm better off dead.

The youth that once remained - nowhere to be found.
Truth won't keep me detained until I'm in the ground.

Willfull actions bring joy.
The weak-willed blindly comply.
Track Name: Constant Downcast
energy wasted.
dependent on a crutch
hand stretched out far too much.

reliance now a characteristic.
never once altruistic.

a life once full of virtue
damaged from a cultured idea

crippled by what you expected
a new life now spent disconnected

the excuse of innocency has no last
anticipation of a constant downcast
Track Name: Sequestration
an image
a myth taught from our start
ripping mind and self apart

a consequence of dependence

pushed everyone out
solitude and isolation
don't know what I'm about
forced into sequestration

i hate this way I think
this can't be real
discontent is all i feel

searching for a vent to escape these thoughts
trying to erase all I've been taught

anyone else but myself
detestation with no help
what do you have that i don't?
seeing success bound through a rope
Track Name: The Gift Of Time (Ft. Joe from No Reason to Live)
unbearable discontent
forced into resentment
foundation of existence
based on fraudulence

the lie of a gift of time
nothing but a penalty
expectations set
never meets reality

every night - continuous
I can never seem to get ahold of this
alone and cold, miserable
contemplation calling

what's the fucking point of this
searching for a constant bliss
a struggle just to exist


this is what drives the man
labeled infatuated
life stays customary
goes unappreciated